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Strobotrack SDK

Coming soon!
Strobotrack SDK provides multi-platform API that allows to integrate human motion capture algorithms into your custom software. Algorithms are designed for real-time / interactive applications.  It can be used for:

  • VR / AR interactive applications
  • Biomechanical analysis in real-time for sprots, medicine, etc.
  • Animation production
  • Any other area that requires human pose tracking in real-time



Robust AI-based tracking is used to fully automate tracking process
iPi Soft’s proprietary tracking improves accuracy and fixes weird poses that AI-based algorithm may provide
Flexible tracking options allow to find optimal balance between tracking speed and accuracy
Seamless integration into your custom software
Multi-platform / Flexible Tracking Options

Request Quote and Trial

Please send us a brief description of your project to to request a quote and trial.

We offer flexible pricing options depending on scale and price range of your application as well as technical and support requirements.

C API and .NET API Features

Detects person bounding boxes
Tracks 3D pose from single depth sensor
Tracks 2D pose from RGB data
Flexible set of detection and tracking models
Pose-based person re-identification
Windown 10 / Linux

.NET API Unique Features

Accurate real-time tracking from depth sensors with iPi proprietary algorithm
Tracks 3D pose from multiple depth sensors
Automatic background subtraction and floor detection
Motion filtering and jitter removal
Live motion transfer to 3D character
Windown 10 / Linux