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Customer Reviews

  • Using iPi Mocap allowed us to generate a library of vignettes we could drop into any number of shots, as well as customize specific animation as required.

    Nick Tripodi, Iloura Head of Animation
  • …we see motion capture beyond its traditional application as a crucial part of expanding our production, and it is already opening new possibilities and services we can offer to our clients.

    Dan Barker, FA Digital Productions
  • The software is part of a small crop of ‘new-school’ platforms that are helping to motivate the field forward

    Brandon Parvini, Ghost Town Media
  • Whether you’re producing an animation or game project for final release, or just prototyping a new idea, iPi Motion Capture is an incredibly cost effective and easy-to-use solution for full-body motion capture using hardware you probably already own — and if you don’t, it’s also incredibly cost effective.

    Stephan Bugaj, Independent Filmmaker, former Pixar
  • There is actually a revolution happening in motion capture, thanks to the companies like iPi Soft. I can take a Kinect camera, and just put it on a tripod in a room with actors. None of them need marker suits. I can record their performance and the key see it on screen within a minutes on a character.

    Oliver Hollis-Leick, The Mocap Vaults
  • I’ve been working on VR content for over a year and iPi Mocap has proved to be an invaluable addition to my production pipeline. It is able to capture subtle nuances in a player performance necessary to create believable characters.

    Daniël Ernst
  • “You don’t have to have any markers. You don’t have to wear any special clothing. You just turn it on and it records. Then, in less than 10 minutes, with a little clean-up in the program, you can drop it in a scene, chop it up, and move it around.“

    Anthony Hoit, The Graphic Film Company
  • “The low equipment cost and ease at which iPi Motion Capture integrated with our existing workflow meant that captured performances could be a reality for us rather than a pipe dream“

    Ian Kirby, The Sequence Group
  • “iPi Motion Capture offered a wider capture area than the alternatives, and the cost and ease of use compared to other systems allowed us come in on budget and on schedule“

    Louis du Mont, We Are Formation
  • “Using the technology saved us countless weeks of character animation production and gave us stunning results that looked triple A in a fraction of the time it would take to do the work manually with highly-skilled animators.“

    Paul Olsen, N3V Games
  • “iPi Motion Capture is so powerful and cost effective, iPi is what mocap should be all about – making your ideas reality in a matter of minutes.“

    David Gonzalez, President of Mission Critical Studios.

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