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Strobotrack Live provides live pose tracking and object detection that can be used for AR/VR and other kinds of real-time interactive applications as well as animation production and biomechanical analysis. Currently supports capture with up to 4 depth sensors.

  • Supported sensors:
  • Robust AI-based tracking is used to automate recovery in case of tracking errors
  • Proprietary tracking algorithm provides more accurate result compared to AI-based algorithms
  • Automatic background subtraction
  • Calibration for multi-camera system
  • Capture volume
    • For depth sensors: 7 by 7 feet (~ 2 by 2 m)
  • Live motion transfer to 3D character
  • Animation streaming to Unity / Unreal / custom software

Note! Price includes software only.  Perpetual license includes two years of technical support and software updates upon license key activation. 1 year = 365 days, 3 months = 92 days from the day of first activation.

Payment options, VAT, currencies and more: See PurchasingFull price list: Regular / Educational.

Technical Support / Software Updates

We offer email-based technical support.

For subscription (rent) licenses technical support and software updates are provided  at no additional charge whithin subscription period.

For perpetual licenses technical support and software updates are included for initial two years upon license key activation. Afterwards, technical support and software updates are provided within (optional) annual support plan:

 License you own: Express Basic Pro / Strobotrack Live Biomech Add-on Automation Add-on
Annual Support Prolongation $45/yr* $165/yr* $495/yr* $245/yr* $245/yr*

* For perpetual licenses only.  The plan is optional, applicable after two years upon license activation.
For customers from Germany: Subscription cancellation form (required by German legislation)

Annual Support Prolongation Conditions:

  • Annual fee will be charged automatically every 12 months.
  • You can cancel the subscription at any time.
  • You can restore the subsription within 3 months after cancellation.

Volume Discounts

We offer discounts for one-time order of licenses for two or more seats:

Seats 2 3-5 6-9 10+
%off 5% 10% 20% 30%

Educational Licencing Program

iPi Soft offers 30% educational discounts for
perpetual licenses and 1 year subscriptions:

Students Express or Basic edition and Add-ons
Institution any edition for packages of 3+  seats (combined with volume discount)

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System Requirements

Recording and Tracking

Computer Minimum Recommended
CPU Modern dual-core, 2GHz 4+ cores, 3+GHz
Video Card Any DirectX 11 capable gaming-class graphics card NVidia GeForce GTX 2080 / ATI Radeon RX 5700 or higher
For more info see Video Cards
Operating System  Win 11 / 10 (x64); Linux (x64)
USB USB 3.0 controller; additional controller(s) may be required depedning on number of sensors (for more info see USB controllers)
Storage System HDD write speed over 25 MB/sec SSD or HDD write speed over 50 MB/sec
Additional Requirements
Azure Kinect / RealSense D455
Kinect 2
Kinect 1
Camera 1 to 4 Azure Kinect or RealSense D455 sensors
1 to 4 Depth sensors Microsoft Kinect 2 / Kinect for Xbox One 1 to 4 Depth sensors Microsoft Kinect 1 / Kinect for Xbox 360
 Note: Please refer here for sensors comparison
Cables 1 to 4 active USB 3.0 extension cables
Depends on number of sensors and scene set-up
1 to 4 Kinect Adapters for Windows 1 to 4 active USB 2.0 extension cables
Depends on number of sensors and scene set-up
Tripods Optional: 1 to 4 Tripods Optional: 1 to 4 Tripods Optional: 1 to 4 Tripods
Minimum Required Space 7 by 7 feet = 2.0 by 2.0 meters 8 by 8 feet = 2.5 by 2.5 meters  13 by 13 feet = 4 by 4 meters***


  • Robust AI-based tracking is used to automate the process
  • iPi Soft’s proprietary tracking is used to improve accuracy and fix weird poses that AI-based algorithm may provide
  • Recording and tracking with the same software minimize latency
  • Live motion transfer to 3D character and streaming to Unreal / Unity / custom software
  • Flexible tracking options allow to find optimal balance between tracking speed and accuracy for your particular hardware setup


  1. Which depth Sensors are better?
    – The short answer currently is: Azure Kinect. See detailed  sensors comparison here
  2. Why is this better than iPi Motion Capture with real-time capability?
    – iPi Mocap real-time feature was designed having animation production application in mind. Using AI-based tracking allows to fully automate the procedure and automatically recover after tracking errors if any.
  3. Can I try the software if I do not have sensors?
    – No, as soon as this is live recording and tracking you need at least one depth sensor to test it.