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The Shoebox Diorama Uses iPi for Oculus VR

Posted on: October 17th, 2014

The Oculus Rift is an important virtual reality head-mounted display technology now in development by Oculus VR that is gaining incredible popularity in the game community and beyond. iPi Soft is excited to announce that our customer Daniël Ernst is now in the early stages of developing content using iPi Motion Capture for a new Rift game entitled, The Pigeon Man.  Here are preliminary details on the project.

The Shoebox Diorama FounderDaniël Ernst, is a Dutch game designer/artist and 3D enthusiast best known for spearheading game development work on the Cargo Commander. His latest project, The Pigeon Man, is a magical realist, illustrative game for the Oculus Rift that takes advantage of iPi Motion Capture. Ernst first tested the markerless motion capture solution for quick animation prototyping. From there he’s expanded his scope to creating complex mocap with a multiple Sony Playstation Eye cameras setup, which is then combined with facial motion capture.

I’ve been working on VR content for well over a year and iPi Motion Capture has proved to be an invaluable addition to my production pipeline for my upcoming game, ‘The Pigeon Man’, Daniël Ernst says. iPi Motion Capture can be used for quick prototyping with a single Kinect or the multi Playstation Eye setup for highly-detailed animation. It is able to capture subtle nuances in a player performance necessary to create believable characters for virtual reality, and, it accomplishes it all for a small studio-friendly fee.


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