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Archive for July, 2019

Mocap Saves the Day in Dream Corp LLC

Posted on: July 3rd, 2019

The current June/July issue of Animation Magazine features a deep dive into how lead CG artist Brandon Parvini and the team at the Los Angeles-based VFX studio Bemo effectively incorporated iPi Soft markerless motion capture technology into its workflow. Parvini notes how the show’s demanding schedule requires a fast and flexible, real-time motion- capture system, which is critical in the post-production pipeline (which also includes Cinema 4D, After Effects and ZBrush).

We’re given a rough notion of the creative direction for CG character development based on all the creative parameters that exist,” Parvini says. “We are pretty much run-and-gun. While the edit is still being locked down, we are moving into 3D animation and solving tech and creative asks that come up. The moments where I need a capture, I pull out the Kinect, place it on a stool and capture action right there at my desk in roughly a 4×4 foot space.

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