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Brandon Parvini Leverages iPi Mocap Character Animation Workflow on “Dream Corp LLC”

Posted on: November 16th, 2018

Brandon Parvini, Designer/Animator, Leverages iPi Motion Capture Character Animation Workflow on “Dream Corp LLC”



In case you missed it, at the Siggraph 2018 convention earlier this year, Brandon Parvini, designer/animator and long-time user of iPi Motion Capture, showcased the character development and animation workflow he and the creative team at Bemo created for the show “Dream Corp LLC.” The popular series airs on the Adult Swim network and is executive produced by actor/director John Krasinski and actor Stephen Merchant. See video presentation here (use of iPi Mocap is discussed starting from 39:40).

Parvini uses iPi Soft markerless motion capture software in conjunction with Maxon’s Cinema 4D, to create animated sequences that distinguish between dreams and reality, leading to a mind-bending visual experience.

According to Parvini, for the past year of post-production on the show the workflow has involved inheriting rotoscoped versions of the main characters and in turn tracking the source footage and building out environments for those characters to interact within. As the season went on and the needs of the show grew more complex, coupled with aggressive time constraints, Parvini found they needed to supplant moments in the show with full CG characters that simply couldn’t be shot on set.

“iPi Motion Capture was a natural solution to bring into the pipeline as it allows us to turn around ideas quickly and get them into scenes,” explains Parvini. “We needed custom animation all the time. Being able to leave a Kinect plugged into my computer, launch IPI Studio and get from capture to refining the results and back into Cinema 4D in under 15-minutes is what makes iPi Motion Capture an invaluable part of our post process. The speed and stability of the software have now opened new avenues and workflows for us as we continue to look forward to production on the upcoming season and other projects of similar ilk.”