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Archive for October, 2014

Sony Animation Made Available Zombie Rig

Posted on: October 29th, 2014

Sony Animation Made Available Zombie Rig from Hotel Transylvania

At iPi Soft we pride ourselves on creating technology that is accessible to all users, not just professionals, but here’s something we came across that might appeal more to our advanced users.

Just in time for Halloween, Sony Animation has made a zombie rig from their hit animated film “Hotel Transylvania” available for download (on a very restricted basis of course).

We checked it out and it’s very complex, but we’d love to see what our users can do with it. Send us your best use of the rig and we’ll post on our Facebook page, and put it in the running for our monthly mocap contest with a chance to win an iPI Motion Capture software license.

Here’s a link to download the rig: https://secure.sonypictures.com/animation/hotelt/zombierig/videosubmissions/


Brandon Parvini at 2014 World Animation & VFX Summit

Posted on: October 20th, 2014


Brandon Reza Parvini, Creative Director at Ghost Town Media
to Appear at 2014 World Animation & VFX Summit

Motion Capture Enthusiast and VFX and Motion Graphics Design Luminary
to Talk about the Role of iPi Motion Capture Technology
on ‘21st Century Tools of the Trade” Session


Moscow, Russia – October 20th — iPi Soft, is pleased to announce that Brandon Reza Parvini, Creative Director at LA-based Ghost Town Media, an interdisciplinary visual effects and design boutique that relies on the company’s markerless iPi Motion Capture software in production, will be a featured panelist at the World Animation & VFX Summit, November 2 – 5, 2014 in Los Angeles.

With the goal of shaping the future of worldwide animation and visual effects by connecting like-minded Industry leaders ranging from studio executives, producers, agents, distributors, technology providers and talent, face-to-face in a warm and intimate club environment, this year’s Summit theme centers on  “A Year of Reinvention and Renovation.”

Parvini will join the21st Century Tools of the Trade session with other creative luminaries to explore some of the latest innovations and technologies and strategies for success used at Ghost Town Media that foster creative excellence on film, international branding, broadcast commercials and live-visuals for the world’s top performers including Muse, Linkin Park and global brands such as Mercedes and Absolut. Parvini is currently using iPi Soft technology on a high profile project for feature film producton company Blum House (Paranormal Activity, Insidious, The Purge) and Universal Studios.

While at Ghost Town, Parvini has taken on various key roles including creative, technical and overall pipeline director in order to propel the company forward and push past the notions of what a small studio is capable of producing. As a result, Parvini has developed key relationships with hardware and software developers in order to help influence and embolden the technology that enables artists.

We were excited to bring iPi Motion Capture into the studio production pipeline for initial testing last year and so far our experience has been great,” says Parvini. “The system is very intuitive and takes about half an hour of setup and you’re able to start capturing. The software is part of a small crop of ‘new-school’ platforms that are helping to motivate the field forward and I’m looking forward to talking about it at the Summit.

Session Highlight

Session: “21st Century Tools of the Trade”

Date/Time: Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2:15 – 3:15 pm

The World Animation and VFX Summit

The World Animation and VFX Summit takes place November 2 – 5, 2014 as follows:


California Yacht Club

4469 Admiralty Way

Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

(818) 883-2884

Conference session times and agenda are available here.

About iPi Motion Capture

Introduced in 2009, iPi Motion Capture has been gaining momentum as a professional and reliable alternative for capturing animation data without the need for expensive green-screen stages, clumsy sensor suits with reflective markers or a team of technicians. The software uses sophisticated image processing and computer vision algorithms to recognize and track the human body. The digitally captured movement is then applied to a 3D character and rendered as part of a video game or a computer generated movie.

Members of the Press:

Parvini will be onsite at the Summit on November 5th and available for one-on-one briefings except from 2:15 p.m. — 3:15 p.m. during his presentation.

Please contact Vicky Gray-Clark, Ambient Public Relations, (408) 318-1980, vicky@ambientpr.com to schedule an appointment. Alternate briefing opportunities are available to those not attending the conference by phone/Skype.


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Website: http://tst.ipisoft.com

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Ray Ecke / Right Word Media / ray@rightwordmedia.com / 973-726-3797

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The Shoebox Diorama Uses iPi for Oculus VR

Posted on: October 17th, 2014

The Oculus Rift is an important virtual reality head-mounted display technology now in development by Oculus VR that is gaining incredible popularity in the game community and beyond. iPi Soft is excited to announce that our customer Daniël Ernst is now in the early stages of developing content using iPi Motion Capture for a new Rift game entitled, The Pigeon Man.  Here are preliminary details on the project.

The Shoebox Diorama FounderDaniël Ernst, is a Dutch game designer/artist and 3D enthusiast best known for spearheading game development work on the Cargo Commander. His latest project, The Pigeon Man, is a magical realist, illustrative game for the Oculus Rift that takes advantage of iPi Motion Capture. Ernst first tested the markerless motion capture solution for quick animation prototyping. From there he’s expanded his scope to creating complex mocap with a multiple Sony Playstation Eye cameras setup, which is then combined with facial motion capture.

I’ve been working on VR content for well over a year and iPi Motion Capture has proved to be an invaluable addition to my production pipeline for my upcoming game, ‘The Pigeon Man’, Daniël Ernst says. iPi Motion Capture can be used for quick prototyping with a single Kinect or the multi Playstation Eye setup for highly-detailed animation. It is able to capture subtle nuances in a player performance necessary to create believable characters for virtual reality, and, it accomplishes it all for a small studio-friendly fee.


The World Animation & VFX Summit 2014

Posted on: October 1st, 2014

The World Animation & VFX Summit this November is shaping up to be another stellar event. Paul Babb, MAXON US CEO, is this year’s technology keynote and Brandon Parvini, creative director at Ghost Town Media and one of the most talented VFX artists who uses both Cinema 4D and iPi Motion Capture, will be speaking on the “21st Century Tools of the Trade” panel about the creative tools that allow him to create award-winning and inspired content.

Details here: http://www.animationmagazine.net/events/world-animation-vfx-summit-to-honor-phil-roman-bonnie-arnold/